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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I have Professional Indemnity and Cyber Risks cover.

Just click on the pop-up Calendly button or go to the contact page.

Nothing! Whether you already know what you would like to delegate or not, we can speak about it during the discovery call.

I send you a bespoke service proposal.

I send you a digital service agreement.

We set a start date and briefing call!

From the briefing call on the first date of services.

In the first 5 days of the month you get an invoice for the previous calendar month.

7 days from invoice date.

Absolutely! I use Toggl and all invoices are sent with their correspondent report.

Yes, whenever we are talking about your business.
I stop the timer when we stay a bit longer just chatting away.

You can email me anytime. And once you are a client you can WhatsApp me for any emergencies.

On a PAYG rate you just let me know, no hard feelings!
On a retainer rate I ask that you kindly give me a months notice, no hard feelings!

Yes! I have met some of my clients throughout the years, but it is not mandatory for either party.

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