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Virtual Assistant Services for the Health and Wellbeing Industry

Do you love helping others improve their quality of life by doing what you do?

Are you spending more time than you would like doing admin?

Would you feel relieved if you could share your workload?

Then you are in the right place! This is where a Virtual Assistant can help

The Star PA | Ghislayne Perez-Duran
The Star PA | Ghislayne Perez-Duran
The Star PA | Ghislayne Perez-Duran

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a professional that provides remote support for a variety of administrative tasks, from diary and inbox management to database creation and bookkeeping (and many more).
By providing these types of services, a virtual assistant enables their clients to free up time to focus on growing their businesses, do more of what they love and take care of their own Health and Wellbeing.

The Star PA provides virtual assistant services for practitioners, therapists, holistic and spiritual entrepreneurs and business owners.

My typical clients:

Artists and Creatives



Life Coaches

Lightworkers and Healers

Meditation teachers

Nutritional Therapists






They all have one thing in common (apart from being amazing at what they do) – they now have the freedom to focus on growing their core business and enjoying their personal life!

The Star PA | Ghislayne Perez-Duran

Working with The Star PA

When you work with me, apart from freeing up valuable time and having peace of mind, you get:


No minimum hours. I have two types of rates, a PAYG and a monthly retainer. You can switch between them depending on your business needs.

Bespoke Service

I provide a wide range of admin services across various business areas. However, this is about you, your admin and your business so I will prepare a package that is tailored to just that.

Free Discovery Call

Whether you have a list of tasks you need to delegate or you need clarity on what to add to your list, please book your free 30 min discovery call to see if I can help!

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