UK, London “Ghislayne, has been an excellent virtual PA. Every time one asked for assistance with business she went above and beyond the call of duty. I found her helpful, diligent, and resourceful. Ghislayne only needed to be asked once before she grasped what needed to be done and executed the task perfectly. Not only is  she a great VA but good fun too.”
Spencer Berger, Business Owner, Census Investments

UK, Hertforshire “I helped Ghislayne with a last minute job from a client of hers. She knew exactly what needed to be done and how to do it. As a VA colleague, it is a pleasure to work with her as she is a good team-player, kind, professional and reliable.”
Nuria Fernandez, Business Owner, VA Lady

UK, London“Ghislayne has supported ACQSYS through its start up and growth, helping us build an excellent target company database and lead management tool. Despite being new to our sector, Logistics, Ghislayne was able to adapt her skills and techniques very quickly and now looks after our social network communications as well.”
Bill Howie, CEO, ACQSYS Supply Chain Solutions 

UK, Bristol “One of my clients required the assistance of a Spanish speaking VA to assist with the invoicing of one particular customer. As I followed Ghislayne on Twitter, I suggested my client get in touch with her which resulted in the three of us working together successfully for about 5 months. Ghislayne was an asset to my client for that period of time and allowed me to work on other projects for him. I would be very happy to work with Ghislayne again.” 
Karen Hare, Former Business Owner, MyPA

UK, London“Ghislayne helped me with an urgent Spanish client matter. There was a very tight deadline and she delivered exactly what she said she would do in a personable and professional manner on time and on budget and I had a happy client. I would recommend Ghislayne as a person who gets the job done.”
Paul Spindler, Partner, Kingston and Smith 

UK, West Yorkshire “Ghislayne and I worked together over several months and she is a detail oriented, passionate and honest person. She has an ‘open’ personality and is bi-lingual which is a fantastic skill to have nowadays! If you are looking for a VA (and particularly a Spanish speaking one) she is worth a call.” 
Nadine Hill, Business Owner, The Dream PA 

UK, Hertford “Ghislayne – THE STAR PA – has assisted us in the following areas: Assisting with expertise and implementation in the social media marketing arena utilising such media plaforms as facebook, twitter & Ecademy Translating and creating Spanish template for email;marketing Chasing up my dutiesdand roles – thus acting like a personal ‘virtual’ pa.”
Ian Glasscock, Business Owner, Games for Life

UK, London “Ghislayne is a really focused manager, capable of juggling multiple priorities and delivering real change into our business. In the time I have been working with Ghislayne she has presented herself in a professional manner, she works to very tight deadlines with great accuracy and attention to detail, plus her interpersonal skills with us all, works extremely well. Ghislayne’s professionalism helps keep us all on track whilst at the same time she is always prepared to help and do the background work and analysis as required. A great all-rounder to have in a small team, a great person to have as a colleague and friend, plus it goes without saying, her language skills are second to none, being fluent in English and Spanish, what more can be said!”
Tony Alexander, Asset Director, ACQSYS Supply Chain Solutions 

USA, California “Completando mi aplicación para la Universidad necesitaba un servicio de traducción que también reflejara mi personalidad y mis puntos de vista. The Star PA no solo me asistió con la traducción sino que entendió mis necesidades perfectamente y el servicio fue personalizado 100%. Definitivamente la recomendaría ampliamente.”
Claudia Montilla, Mental Health Care Professional 

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