The Star PA provides versatile bi-lingual VA services in English and Spanish!



I still remember the moment I decided to set up my VA business. It was in November 2008, I was coming back from WTM (World Travel Market) I had attended as a representative for my previous company and had just had a few meetings with suppliers that were visiting from Spain. 

The meetings were supposed to be held in English but eventually they all ended up being in what I call "Spanglish" as some things just can't be translated... 

It was then that I realised, in "Business" the culture exchange when speaking a second language is as important as being able to communicate in that particular language.

Then, on my way home I read an article about a VA (whom eventually became my VA teacher and mentor) and instantly though, hey! This is what I want to do!

I took my VA tele-course in January 2009 and in April 2009 "The Star PA" was born, my "niche" market being bi-lingual VA services in English and Spanish!

Later on I started getting clients involved with different industries such as logistics, agriculture, travel, medical and coaching, to name a few. I assist them with various administrative tasks including invoicing, CRM, databases, website maintenance and online marketing including newsletter and blog publishing.

About half of my clients don't necessarily need a bi-lingual VA, but are either referred by someone or just need a locally based VA and I am still happy to assist them. The rest of them are UK business owners trading in Spain and/or Latin America which are also benefiting from my Spanish language skills.

The name of my business comes from being like the stars, you cannot always see them but you know they are always there!

One of my favourite film moments ever is in "The pursuit of Happiness" when Chris Brown (portrayed by Will Smith) says "If I know the answer I am going to tell you and if I don't I am going to find it" - I totally relate to that. 

Thanks for reading.